Saturday, March 19, 2011


my favourite KPOP idol group's new CF  :} enjoy !

also my favourite song at the moment : Girls day - twinkle twinkle <3

BB creams i want to try out :

I'm always trying to find the right BB cream for me but they are just so expensive ! i've gotten samples and i even brought some BB creams but they all didn't work for me :( i have dry skin on my cheeks but and extremely oily t-zone. Most of the BB creams i've tried were either too oily or just comes right off my face. So again i've made a list on which one's i would like to buy and review for you guys :) so here they are :
  1. Lioele waterdrop BB cream 
  2. Baviphat tea tree it trouble catch bb cream 
  3. The face shop pucca lovely Meex BB cream 
  4. Missha watery BB cream 

what do you guys think ? which ones have you tried that you think would help or benefit me ?  also just to let you know im fair/medium more yellow undertones ! :) 

Trapper hats & baseball jackets & stockings

In melbourne it's starting to get cold ! Its the start of autumn and the weather is just crazy here ! You never know it might be sunny one minute and cloudy the next ! I've been loving the look of trapper hats these days and i just got on recently ! :) but i still want to buy more ! i think it would definately keep me warm for the winter ! 

okay, i've also been watching gossip girl again . and you know blair and her stockings . plus head bands. anyways she has so many coloured stockings and they are just so cool ! but i know i can't pull them off :( so this winter i would like patterned stockings in stead . in stead of colour like pink or purple i'll go with patterns like love heart and bows and LACE :) oh how i love stockings ! 

another thing i've been wanting so much for winter is baseball jackets or varsity jackets ! they don't sell much in australia so if i want one i have to buy it online :( they are so expensive but ! and some of the ones i want aren't online ! so sad :'( anyways i just wanted to show you guys what i love and want for this winter ! :) 

H&M baseball jacket 

Bardot trapper hat - $29.95 AU 

"A" Baseball jacket - ebay 


                                            Urban outfitters - staring at the stars trapper hat 

Bardot bow stockings - $22.95                                                                      

Face slimming tool ?

Hey guys ! so recently i've come across these face massage things that's ment  to make your face slimmer and get a V-line ! i was just wondering if anyone out there has used one and if it really works ? because im really curious about them . Theres even one for your nose ! haha so please if you know anything about them any reviews or link put them in the comment section cos i would really love to read or hear about them :) they are really cheap on so i i might get them i dont know yet . What do you guys think ? yes or no ? :)

oh and there's also a V-line waterdrop sleeping pack from Lioele on too ! i wonder if it really works . if you know please tell me :) email or comment ! 

Face roller - $ 1.40 US

Face cell roller - $1.40 US                                                         
Nose up massager/roller - $3.70 US 

Lioele V-line waterdrop sleeping pack - $15.22 AU

tell me what you guys think in the comment section! :) 

Beauty to buy list :

I'm really bored right now studying for maths , so i'm going to post something instead ! :)  
i'm so stressed these days having tests like every week ! so what i like to do to relax is make lists ! i don't know about you but i just loving making lists . so here's my beauty to buy list  :) 

  1. Baviphat strawberry toxifing clay mask - $12.59
  2. Baviphat Mango brightening pack -$12.88
  3. Baviphat apple jelly lip scrub -$7.69
  4. Baviphat apple magic lip tint -$7.78
  5. Baviphat peach magic lip tint -$7.78
  6. Missha brightening concealer -$9.89
  7. Etude house dual fibre brush - $10.98
  8. Koji Eye talk double eyelid tape -$6.70
  9. Dolly wink liquid liner -$13.10
  10. Sana face powder -$10.70
  11. Dolly wink eyelash case- $4.80
  12. Rosette Milk cleansing foam - $5.30
  13. Cure - $50
  14. Etude house collagen moistful cream pack - $35 
  15. Baviphat Trouble catch powder - $16

total : $219.39

looking at the numbers scares me :( man these products looks so good ! i'll just have to wait and hopefully i will work throught this wishlist :)

haha hope you guys find this interesting ! so whats on your beauty to buy list ? please comment your post or something i sure would like to know :) 

Friday, March 18, 2011 mini maul :

HELLO! :) i know i know it's been ages but im so busy with school seriously. any ways i have another haul! and there will be reviews later on maybe tomorrow if im not busy ! oh more packages are comming soon also so look forward to that ! :) 

okay so on with the miniture haul .. OH YEAH! i really recommend you buy from them because they give you free samples :) and that's always good cos you get to try new stuff out ! 

First : Lioele eye & lip makeup remover : 

i've heard good reviews on this and it was pretty cheap on lillieshop, it was about 14 australian dollars :) i've tried the lancome eye makeup remover which was on one of cookieyuri's favourites video. check out her youtube channel

confession: I HATE ROSE SMELLING THINGS. no offence i think it's tacky  ? nah it stinks to me for some reason. 

anyways it was great but too expensive for me . if you know the lancome eye makeup remover you know it's part water stuff and oil stuff and you have to shake it ? well this is EXACTLY like that which i thought was pretty COOL :) haha and it's pink ! oh it also smells like lavender which is better than rose but yeah im fussy . it says it removes waterproof eye makeup so i'm looking forward to see if it actually does :) 

Second: Lioele Cream Beam Blusher 

i brought this on curiosity because i saw it on one of hollyannaeree 's video she said it could be used as a lip colour and you know if it doubles as two , well its a deal :) haha check out her youtube channel 


I really can't wait to try out these 2 BB cream and the face wash :) i'll tell you what i thought and if i would buy it and also my other sample too :) 

I found out this website from my favourite youtuber Sunnydahye heres the link to her awesome channel : please check her out because she just so wonderful and funny and also follow her blog :) 

more reviews soon guys :) sorry im so busy !