Friday, March 18, 2011 mini maul :

HELLO! :) i know i know it's been ages but im so busy with school seriously. any ways i have another haul! and there will be reviews later on maybe tomorrow if im not busy ! oh more packages are comming soon also so look forward to that ! :) 

okay so on with the miniture haul .. OH YEAH! i really recommend you buy from them because they give you free samples :) and that's always good cos you get to try new stuff out ! 

First : Lioele eye & lip makeup remover : 

i've heard good reviews on this and it was pretty cheap on lillieshop, it was about 14 australian dollars :) i've tried the lancome eye makeup remover which was on one of cookieyuri's favourites video. check out her youtube channel

confession: I HATE ROSE SMELLING THINGS. no offence i think it's tacky  ? nah it stinks to me for some reason. 

anyways it was great but too expensive for me . if you know the lancome eye makeup remover you know it's part water stuff and oil stuff and you have to shake it ? well this is EXACTLY like that which i thought was pretty COOL :) haha and it's pink ! oh it also smells like lavender which is better than rose but yeah im fussy . it says it removes waterproof eye makeup so i'm looking forward to see if it actually does :) 

Second: Lioele Cream Beam Blusher 

i brought this on curiosity because i saw it on one of hollyannaeree 's video she said it could be used as a lip colour and you know if it doubles as two , well its a deal :) haha check out her youtube channel 


I really can't wait to try out these 2 BB cream and the face wash :) i'll tell you what i thought and if i would buy it and also my other sample too :) 

I found out this website from my favourite youtuber Sunnydahye heres the link to her awesome channel : please check her out because she just so wonderful and funny and also follow her blog :) 

more reviews soon guys :) sorry im so busy ! 


  1. Heys! how do you like the makeup remover! I usually stick to the drugstore clean and clear stuff :( I've tried the cream beam blusher too! but its to light for my lips, I was hoping it would work well like what Holly had said in her review. Anyways nice blog! !


  2. @ Deborah :) i cream beam blusher is actually quite pigmented but it dries your lips out so i wear a gloss :) oh and i haven't tried out the makeup remover yet hopefully i will and i'll keep you updated :) oh btw i followed your blog !