Saturday, March 19, 2011

Face slimming tool ?

Hey guys ! so recently i've come across these face massage things that's ment  to make your face slimmer and get a V-line ! i was just wondering if anyone out there has used one and if it really works ? because im really curious about them . Theres even one for your nose ! haha so please if you know anything about them any reviews or link put them in the comment section cos i would really love to read or hear about them :) they are really cheap on so i i might get them i dont know yet . What do you guys think ? yes or no ? :)

oh and there's also a V-line waterdrop sleeping pack from Lioele on too ! i wonder if it really works . if you know please tell me :) email or comment ! 

Face roller - $ 1.40 US

Face cell roller - $1.40 US                                                         
Nose up massager/roller - $3.70 US 

Lioele V-line waterdrop sleeping pack - $15.22 AU

tell me what you guys think in the comment section! :) 

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