Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hey guys ,
this past week i have been impatiently waiting for this package to arrive , and turns out i would of had it by yesterday but no one was home :( ANYHOW i have it now so thats all that matters ! i brought a total of 3 goodies and i even got a free sample!

First product : Laneige dark circle concealer : 

Im not going to do any swatches on this post , just showing you the products i've got. I'll do a more detailed review when i've used it a bit. What i first recognised was the packaging it was so smart looking? haha but also cute because inside of the box it came in it is hot pink :) i love the fact it comes with brushes and that was what really drawed me to it . The are actually useable unlike other products ive used.

Second product : Sheseido Majolic Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On Mascara:

I've seen and heard about this mascara and most people said it was a really god mascara. I has short lashes and i'm always on the market for a mascara that really volumises them ! I absolutely love the packaging it's just soo girly and princess like . i really am impressed. The only down side i heard about this product was that it's hard to remove , i absolutely hated removing the dolly wink eye pencil , i am really afraid this will be the same with this product ! Can't wait to see the results , defiantly stay tuned :)!

Third Product : Baviphat apple magic lip tint : 

I am truly in love with my lemon magic lip tint and i have high expectations for this product . Looking at it i can see a big difference. I might do a comparing video about this and the lemon lip balm i have :) As always cute packaging and wonderful smell . It smells just like a sweet apple :)

Freebee : Sample Skin food black raspberry eye cream : 

i haven't heard much about this product but im looking forward to it because i love raspberries  :)

Anyways , stay tuned for detailed reviews ! If your not a follower please follow :)