Saturday, October 15, 2011

T-ara Jiyeon inspired look

It's a Sunday afternoon and I had nothing to do so I came up wit this look.  This is my first time doing a make-up look for you guys! At first I wasn't going to post this but it turned out really well so I didnt do step by step pictures! Hopefully you can learn how to do this look with my instructions and close up pictures. Jiyeon has always been my idol and I am really happy I did this look. I know I look nothing like her but it's a fun look to pretend to be her! Hope you guys enjoy this and maybe you can suggest more looks I  can do! 


  1. Apply your lip balm of choice.Try and use something with a rosy undertone. 
  2.  Line your eyes (upper lash line)  including the waterline with a pencil liner. On the waterline make it darker on the outer edgers and less on the inner corners. 
  3. Then line with your pencil liner underneath the outer part of you eye making sure it wings out straight. Jiyeon's eye-liner is always winged straight out. We want to create longer eyes. Don't worry it's not perfectly straight. 
  4. Use a q-tip and make-up remover to create the straight wing. 
  5. With your liquid liner of choice line your eyes also winging the liner straight out. End at the end of were your eye crease ends. This way it won't be too far from your eye looking unnatural. 
  6. Clean up any mistakes and make sure it is straight and perfect like Jiyeon's. 
  7. Then using a small brush use some brown eye shadow and shade in your crease and outer lid. 
  8. Mix a champagne/gold eye shadow in your inner corner. and Blend any harsh lines. 
  9. Use a different brush to shade the bottom of your eyes with the champagne/gold eye shadow to give your eyes that sparkle. 
  10. Curl and apply mascara to your lashes. You want something that will lenghten,define and hold a curl. 
  11. Apply your foundation/tinted moisturizer after to reduce the fall out form the eyeshadows. 
  12. Conceal blemishes and dark circles. 
  13. Powder lightly. You want dewy skin. 
  14. Contour  your cheekbones/nose and highlight your face. Apply blush on top of your bronzer to create a natural look. 
  15. Apply a nude pink lipstick. 


Products used: 

Khiels tinted moisturiser (Light)
Missha under-eye brightener (02)
Rimmel stay matte powder (peach glow) 
Langeige the secret to snow crystal concealer kit highlighter
Lioele cheek beam blusher (01)
Daiso eyeshadow quad 
Dolly wink liquid liner & pencil liner
Baviphat peach magic tint lip balm 
Lioele dollish lipstick (nude pink 06)
Cover girl lash blast length mascara
Majolica Majorca  Lash enamel mascara
Rimmel london sexy curls mascara
Lioele waterproof eye&lip makeup remover 

( You can use what ever you like though ! )

Closer look: 

 Lips : 

Face:                                                                                                    Eyes: 

 Picture I was inspired by :