Saturday, March 19, 2011

Trapper hats & baseball jackets & stockings

In melbourne it's starting to get cold ! Its the start of autumn and the weather is just crazy here ! You never know it might be sunny one minute and cloudy the next ! I've been loving the look of trapper hats these days and i just got on recently ! :) but i still want to buy more ! i think it would definately keep me warm for the winter ! 

okay, i've also been watching gossip girl again . and you know blair and her stockings . plus head bands. anyways she has so many coloured stockings and they are just so cool ! but i know i can't pull them off :( so this winter i would like patterned stockings in stead . in stead of colour like pink or purple i'll go with patterns like love heart and bows and LACE :) oh how i love stockings ! 

another thing i've been wanting so much for winter is baseball jackets or varsity jackets ! they don't sell much in australia so if i want one i have to buy it online :( they are so expensive but ! and some of the ones i want aren't online ! so sad :'( anyways i just wanted to show you guys what i love and want for this winter ! :) 

H&M baseball jacket 

Bardot trapper hat - $29.95 AU 

"A" Baseball jacket - ebay 


                                            Urban outfitters - staring at the stars trapper hat 

Bardot bow stockings - $22.95                                                                      


  1. I want a baseball jacket too >_______________________< !

  2. Last week i ordered the H&M baseball jacket, I'm still waiting for it to arrive.. I think you should buy it, it looks nice when you wear it and the fabric is good! :)