Friday, February 25, 2011

Skinfood Cucumber Wash off mask :

Cucumber sandwiches? soo reminds me of tea parties ! so i went to the city the other day and i just wanted something nice and refreshing for my facce ! and i came across this beauty ! i have really sensitive skin and also RED skin . i absolutely hate it . im always on the look out for something to soothe and relax my skin . i've heard about this product and how it really relaxs people's skin so i wanted to give it a go.

when i first tried it on the first thing i notice was the smell. it weird... HAHA it's like cucumbers mixed with a floral scent. i wasn't really wowed anyways knowing that it was cucumber mask . There are no lumps like the rice mask. It has a gel like consistency and is really smoothe. I find it more runnier than the rice mask.

I liked the mask , it did a great job at relaxing my skin but also made it more plump and soft. The only thing i dont like is that when you wash it off there is a sticky residue. I'm sure i washed it off properly but yeah it's only slightly but it still does bother me :) overall it was a good product but i wouldn't buy it again. it's just a normal product that does what it says on the packaging. there wasn't really a wow factor there for me :(

my rating - 3.5/5

new me ?

i got a hair cut . and i got a fringe. hopping i would look like IU . and no i don't look like her. look at my profile picture! my face is so ugly . it's like and oval but because on the holidays i got fat my face did too :( ! SOMEBODY HELP ! way's to make your face slimmer? have a v line ? YAY tomorrow going shopping reviews soon :) oh yeah who's listened to big bang's new album ? LOVING  - TONIGHT <3 best song so far :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Sorry you guys :( i haven't been blogging recently because i just started school ! it's not i dont want to because of course i do !! i'll be doing more reviews soon because my yesstyle package is nearly coming! i'm super duper excited and it even might come today!

btw 76 more days till i take my ugly braces off :)