Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mac Paint Pots - Bare study Review :

This paint pot is absolutely beautiful. Bare study is a champagne colour with hints of pink. I thinks it really flattering on its own and with other colours too. It a really simple colour and it's my everyday colour. I love that it's sparkly but not over the top. Its simple yet elegant. It also really brightens up my eyes. I think the only bad thing is that the packaging is glass so you have to be extremely careful. If you drop it the jar could break! You could apply this with your fingers or a brush. I think that if you use a brush you wont apply too much and it's build-able becuase it drys extremely fast so you have to work really fast or you'll end up with lumps.  I also recommend have a primer on your eye lid or something underneath so the product glides on more smoothly and stays on longer. This last about 6 hours and doesn't crease. I think its easy and great for beginners. Also i think this colour would suit most skin tones too :) Overall 4 out of 5 ! 

Eco Tools Concealer Brush Review :

Eco Tools are one of my favourite branded brushes! They are SUPER DUPER soft ! But other than soft they are so versatile ! I can use this with my Mac paint pot and blend on my eyelids for a more natural effect. It so inexpensive too! I think everyone should own this brush. It could be used as lots of things! I also love how it blend my concealer, it looks really natural and it's easy to do! This brush is not very dense so it's also perfect for blending relatively large areas. Overall 5 out of 5 for me !

VonSmaak strawberry lip balm Review :

This product i brought from a shop in melbourne central called Zuza. For people who live in melbourne this store stocks smashbox cosmetics too ! I think the real reason i brought this product was because of the poackaging ! I mean who could not resist a strawberry shaped lip balm? its just too cute. This lipbalm comes with a rose tinted gloss and a shimmery lip colour thing . The first thing i noticed was the smell of this product. IT WAS SOO YUMMY ! This product literally smelt like a strawberry only kind of more on the sour side! I dont think that this product moisturizers that great but it tastes nice. I think i like the tinted lip gloss more than the lip colour because it's a fushia colour and it doesnt compliment my skin tone. Overall 4 out of 5 stars :)! 

Gatsby Clay Purple Review :

I got this product about six months ago and as you can see it's still FULL! I'll be frank , i dont really like this product. It claims to make your hair have more volume and it does for about half an hour and then your hair is  flat and abit sticky. The consistency of this clay is relatively good it's not thick and it doesnt leave gray marks on you hair. It has a apple smell which personally i do not like but you may like it. I think if you use this with a blow dryer it will stay longer but the lasting power sucks. Overall i rate this product 2 stars out of 5 ! :(