Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baviphat Haul :

Hello :) 

Just wanted to let you guys know my package came and that all the baviphat products i wanted have been brought ! im super excited to test out these products for you guys and i hope your excited too ! Stay tuned for loads of reviews. i might also do a massiva sample review because i've recived soo much and i haven't had time to test them out :) oh how i love samples ! 

Baviphat products plus missha concealer :) 

Samples :) 

Monday, March 28, 2011

5 products you shouldn't buy :

Tagged by - Deb Dosage 

  1. The face shop green makeup base - slides right off the face , chalky feeling , leaves weird tint and does not reduce redness! 
  2. Invisible Zinc sunscreen - stinks ! it leaves a sticky feeling on your face and white cast. 
  3. Toni & Guy beach curl spray - smell is too over powering but some may like , leaves your hair sticky and very greasy. does not look like your have pretty beach curls. 
  4. Reef sun tan oil - very oily and it's hard to get off your hands . if you put it uneven over your legs you will get a funny looking tan ! 
  5. Sally hansen nail polish remover pen - not alot of product comes out , waste of product in side because nothing comes out and old nail polish is still on the pen. 
This all in my own opinion , so you may like or not like the product. But in my experiences these SUCK.  
everyone should do this to warn other beauty bloggers and help every one. it's also alot of fun !  :)