Monday, July 4, 2011

Miniature Haul & My Day :

YES ! I am finally doing another post!! I haven't told you guys yet I think but I love to thrift! So today my mum took us to a secret thrift place. I was so excited because there was two huge racks filled with sweaters and cardigans. I being Kym, I could not resist because I am such a sucker for sweaters. I just adore them.

 Just so you know I was literally taking everything I thought was nice off the rack. In the end I only picked out two really neat sweaters from a pile. By the way please don't think I'm weird or anything because I'm only showing you two sweaters. I mean the title does say "miniature". I did pick out some fabrics which I might be using  to make my own bows and headbands and also i did pick out some basics but that's just too boring! Oh right, if you want to see a D.I.Y post about making headbands or bows please comment below! 

 Today wasn't so nice. It was sunny but cold and pretty windy !
Oh how I wish summer would come :( 

                                     close up ^                                                        Me when me  sister head butted me !! 

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