Monday, July 4, 2011

June Favourites:

Sorry guys , I know it's four days past June but it's better than never. I have had lots of new found favourites this month. My style in clothes has changed to suit my busy life and also I've been experimenting with new products.

Skin Food Egg White Pack : This I think is the best nose, forehead and chin strip pack. It does what is says it's meant to do and just does the job quickly. The formula is so great it just sticks to my pores like no other. I love how they made this for you chin and forehead because I do get some blackheads there. I also love how there are slits where the tip of the nose is so it can fit any nose any shape

Cover Girl Lash Blast Length : I know there are a lot of bad review on this particular mascara and I can see why but there are just some things I just adore about this though. PROS : the wand - perfect for separating lashes + even amount of product, formula - lengthens CONS: formula - doesn't hold curl for the "whole" day , no volume or defining properties. Well if your someone looking for a volume mascara I really do not suggest this. Either way the mascara does say " LENGTH". I already have thick lashes but they're not long so this is just perfect for everyday use. Nothing to out of the blue for school. 

Missha Under eye Brightener : This has got to be one of the most natural looking concealers. You would think that it wouldn't match my skin but it really does. The only thing I don't like about this concealer is that it oxidises but don't worry too much! It's only slightly. I has really high coverage and is easy so blend. I seriously could just put this under my eyes, red spots and pimples - blend a bit - set and I'm off to go! It's so natural that no one notices and that's what I look in for a concealer. 

Floral Headband : Wearing a head band always makes me feel like I'm Blair Waldorf. You can be wearing any headband really but I just love floral prints. I used to be obsessed but now I think I've moved on. I usually wear headbands in winter just because it's too hot in summer and also the fact that winter is a pretty sad season. I really think a floral headband can lighten and brighten the way you look and can dress up or down an outfit.  

Large Vintage Bag : I was lucky enough to find this Oroton bag in a thrift store. I went absolutely crazy because I've been wanting on so bad. But when I brought it home I never really used it. I thought it look too big and oversized so it was in my closet for a while until 3 weeks ago. I've been watching some Korean dramas ( CITY HUNTER - I AM ADDICTED FULL STOP!) and the main actor - who I think is just stunning - was wearing a a big bag like mine but it was blue and in scenes she would have the same type of big bag but in different colours so that's what made me wear this bag more and I have fallen in love ! 

Small T-Shirts : Now that i got to the gym ( with my best friend Lilliana) I get sweaty and hot and it's just great to have small T-shirts. I'm insecure about my body so I don't like to wear tank tops or singlets. So I just love the feeling of small fitted T-shirts. It's light and easy to move around in like singlets but it gives some coverage. It's also just great to throw on to dress down an outfit.  

Korean drama of the month : I have been watching many dramas to relive my self from stress. I started watching Lie to me and Romance town. I got hooked at the start but then they just got boring. I knew what was coming and it was just too typical. Normal I go for love dramas not really sad or action dramas. Because I've watched so many dramas I really do criticise on the smallest things. I love dramas that you can't tell what's going to happen next , it's like you always on the tip of your seat. City hunter is just that. Absolutely no boring bits. There's drama, action,love and mystery. I love the story line and the actors do a great job at portraying the characters. Okay I think I rambled a bit too much but I am seriously a drama freak. Maybe one day I'll do a drama collection post!!! 

                                   THEY ARE SERIOUSLY MEANT FOR EACH OTHER ! 

Favourite songs of the month: 
Girls Day - Cupid
B2st -Fiction
B2st - Fact
Elizer Doolittle
Clara C - Heart Strings
Micheal Carreon - Pretty (Crushed)
T-ara - Roly Poly

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below :) ! 


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  2. Kym your blog is so boring X< u lost me at first glance. I reckon people just stick around coz your pretty.
    SPICE it up a lil! have fun :)

  3. i want to try that skin food egg white pack since looong ago! hehe thanks for that short review

  4. @galleryibu i really recommend you try ! it's amazing ! you can find it cheap on ebay if that helps :)
    @kimmykrayonz what would you like to see then ? hahahaha you know what dw i'll make a post asking loool!!!!