Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dolly wink eyeliner pencil REVIEW:

 Maybe you guys might have figured out that im a total sucker for cute things. I am literally drawn to cute things :) I love bows and pink especially! ^^  i brought this pencil eye liner on accident because i thought it was the dolly wink liquid liner ! it's extremely expensive here in australia , $35 au for just one ! and theres only one store in the city :( 

Let me start off by saying i hate this liner . it's horrible. many people have said they loved it but i don't. Apart from the pretty packaging theres nothing i like. It is very black though ... This liner smudges like sdfjka . it's really soft for some reason. the formular is like butter. maybe it's for smooth aplication or something but all i know , is that it smudges.

 If you try to work with this liner and put alot on , trust me , it's not going to be easy to take it off. i swear this is the hardest thing to get off my eyes . like it comes off but there's a black circle around my eye. i've tried oil based eye makeup removers and it helps alot more but it's still quite a hassle. 

Pros : 

  • cute packaging 
Cons : 
  • smudges like no other 
  • hard to remove if you try to work with it. 

rating : 2/5 

i feel abit , "yeah" for being harsh but hey ! this sucks :( im really dissapointed . let me know in the comments if there were any product that you've encounterd  smudged like crazy :) 

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  1. wow, $35 is quite expensive.. Have you tried purchasing it online from I believe is cheaper?!
    Cheers deb.