Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mac Paint Pots - Bare study Review :

This paint pot is absolutely beautiful. Bare study is a champagne colour with hints of pink. I thinks it really flattering on its own and with other colours too. It a really simple colour and it's my everyday colour. I love that it's sparkly but not over the top. Its simple yet elegant. It also really brightens up my eyes. I think the only bad thing is that the packaging is glass so you have to be extremely careful. If you drop it the jar could break! You could apply this with your fingers or a brush. I think that if you use a brush you wont apply too much and it's build-able becuase it drys extremely fast so you have to work really fast or you'll end up with lumps.  I also recommend have a primer on your eye lid or something underneath so the product glides on more smoothly and stays on longer. This last about 6 hours and doesn't crease. I think its easy and great for beginners. Also i think this colour would suit most skin tones too :) Overall 4 out of 5 ! 

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