Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Last day of school 2010

So yesterday was the last day of school ! i was so excited , waking up in the morning knowing its that last was a big relief. This year has gone so fast and im actually grateful. Throught out the year i've wanted to change schools and i've got rejected from everyone of them :( I studied and studied and still i get rejected ! But it's okay , i guess i'll still have next year :) That's why in to happy this year has flown by so quickly. i do miss my best friend sylvia , but i know ill be shopping with her on the holidays . My class 8j which is my home group scince year 7 . i love everyone from it ! we are like a family and im scared that next year we are going to be all split up :( so i just wanted to show you guys a picture of my class and me and my firend reannan :D

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