Friday, December 17, 2010

The Face shop Black head nose clay mask Review :

As you know everyone gets black head on their noses and most people have trouble finding a way to get rid out them. I have used scrubs, steaming and lotions on my nose to get rid of these nasty things but none of these seem to be working for my nose ! But at last after a day of researching i found this product and i was eager to test to product out and see if it would work! I can tell you now this is a life saver. I use it once a week and it does the job so well. As you know nose strips can get rid of clogged pores and occasional black heads but this does both! All you do it apply it on your nose and wait for about  15 minutes and then you pull it off gently and all or most of the your black head should be discarded from your face ! It's truly amazing and cannot rave enough about this product , it's just too good. The smell is really sour smelling but i dont care it works so good :)
My rating 5 out of 5 !


  1. nooo I really eat to try this and it's not on sasa :( I wish there was the TFS near me, I'm hearing more and more about TFS these days and it's driving me nuts that it's so hard for me to get my paws on them :P

  2. InsideOutElle - One of my close friends also really wanted this and she brought one off ebay and she said it works fine and all but you know ebay you've got to be careful :( i really hope you can get your hands on this because it's really worth it! it's also inexpensive! oh i just wanted to mention i love your youtube videos ! :)