Thursday, March 24, 2011

Marjolica Marjorca Lash Enmal Glamour Mascara :


I've been meaning to do this review for some time but i never really got round to it. So many tests and assignments , it's driving me NUTS ! 

okay so on to the review :) at first i did not like this mascara. it was mainly because of the brush . As you can see  the bristles are soo short and small !It's hard to get in to corners. Not like any other mascaras i've seen ! but i started wearing it and testing it and i think it's a good mascara but you just need to know how to use and work with it. 

I find it clumps ALOT ! so you have to go through your lashes with a clean mascara brush to get out the clumps.  I do feel that it would work way better with people who don't have thick eye lashes like me because the bristles or so small. This mascara does an EXCELLENT job of holding curls! It hold it's all day and you dont need alot of coats. It also elongates and volumizes. It's alittle hard to remove so you have to be patient. Also it's very black and the fomular is thick so i think a little goes along way. 



Pros : 

  • Does what it saids it does 
  • Result looks great and hold curl 
  • Packaging is very pretty 
Cons :
  • Pretty expensive $30 AU
  • You can buy online only if your in Melbourne 
  • Brush is hard to adapt to 

Result ? 
Looks really pretty but i find the brush kind of hard to use . It's great for people without thick lashes ! 

4/5  :) 

this can be purchased here :


  1. I really like the results of the mascara on you. And the packaging is way cute. But $30 is quite pricey and that's not including shipping from yesstyle WAH :(.
    Cheers, Deb.